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Health News interview with Dr. Steve Hoffman

"Are you sacrificing your life and happiness in the pursuit of more?"
Time: 46 minutes

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How to Get Your Complimentary Coaching Call

2010 On Purpose Interview with Dr. Steve Hoffman

Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Chris Kent getting up to date with
Dr. Steve as they discuss Coaching and Media.

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CLA "On Purpose" 2nd Interview with Dr. Steve Hoffman

Dr. Christopher Kent discusses with Dr. Steve
the art and science of patient education.
Time: 60 minutes

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CLA "On Purpose" 1st Interview with Dr. Steve Hoffman

Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Chris Kent discuss with Dr. Steve
chiropractic technic and ask him about the MC2 technic.
Time: 46 minutes

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Find out when and where the next MC2 seminar is

New Feb. 2011 ASK Garrett Gunderson Interview

Garrett and Steve answer financial questions that
have been submitted to ASK Garrett.

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Mother's Day Roses

A coaching call with a Mastery Coaching client.

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Dr. Steve on Using the EmPOWERment Journal

Dr. Steve talks about the EmPOWERment Journal and how to use it to get the most out of your practice experience.

Time: 6 minutes

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Dr. Steve on The Report of Findings Binder

Dr. Steve explains what the Report of Findings binder contains, how to use it and how it creates a "wow" experience for your new patients.

Time: 14 minutes

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Dr. Steve on The Annual Management Planning Seminar

Find out what happens at AMPS each year and why it will become the most important seminar you attend each year.

Time: 9 minutes

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An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik

Dr. Jeff is interviewed about how he is using social media to drive people to his health talks and workshops.

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Community Wellness Day interviews Dr. Steve Hoffman

Interviewed by Dr. Matthew Davis
Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes

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Dr. Steve on Doing a Food Drive

Dr. Steve discusses a completely different way of doing a food drive.
Time: 6 minutes

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The Practical Application of the first
10 principles of Chiropractic

Dr. Steve discusses how the first 10 principles can be applied to how we live our lives from day to day.

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Dr. Steve on Creating a Healthy Board of Directors

Dr. Steve explains to a client the WHY and HOW of creating a Health Board of Directors in your practice.
Time: 10 minutes

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Dr. Steve Interviews Dr. Miles Bodzin,
Founder of The Cash Practice

Find out how the services of Cash Practice can make your patient financial decisions so much easier and increase your patient retention.

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Dr. Steve Hoffman interviews Preferred Chiropractic Doctor

PCD is a nationwide discount program that allows you to legally offer more affordable fees to your limited and non-insured patients, hardship and even maintenance or payment plan patients! Includes audio and data files. Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

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