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"I won't be able to make my coaching call on Tuesday.  I am holding a business after hours for the local chamber from 5-7 so I will busy with all that, plus 3 new patients scheduled that afternoon.  We are up to 72 for our biggest loser competition we are doing.  72 brand new people coming in for creating wellness assessments to get their lives changed!  Thanks for all the advice and being who your are.  Until now I never would have thought this town would support such a thing, let alone be able to work with all the businesses this productively."

   Dr. Troy Rahn

"THANKS for another banner year!  By implementing the strategies you suggested, I have been able to capitalize on my strengths and grow the practice easily.  Our gross income was up by 14% from 2009 and it was just short of our best year EVER in practice!  Did I hear that someone said we were in a slow economy?  It’s not here, and we are loving it, having a great time and seeing the joy of having a practice full of families and folks I love to see each day.  THANKS for your leadership and encourage---ment;  with your style of coaching I have been able to thrive in ways that I had only dreamed, you are helping me with the tools and understanding to make it real."

   Love and hugs,

   Dr. Danita Thomas Heagy

“I started coaching at a time when I was not making enough money to pay Steve.  He said, ‘try coaching and if it isn’t worth, stop.’  I have been coaching with Steve now for over 4 years and, from the start, it paid to have Steve as my coach. He has helped me with my practice and also my life.  I am most grateful.” 

   Ari Cohn, DC

“I most appreciate coaching with you because our calls focus on me.  We cover topics pertinent to my practice and me.  One major concept you shared with me is that I can always make more money.  It puts into perspective the importance of deciding how I spend my time.  You’ve helped me identify what I want and need and then helped me chunk it down into achievable parts so that I can recognize it when I have it.” 

   Dr. Joseph P. Cheff

“The end result is that I have doubled my practice in the past year from around 90 visits a week to 180 and I have the tools to expand even further. I am deeply indebted to Dr. Steve Hoffman for helping me clarify and create the procedures and attitudes that have brought about this change. If you are ready to make a commitment to changing your practice and really building a family wellness practice, you want to work with someone who has incredible experience knowledge and tools. You could not find a better person to work with than Dr. Steve Hoffman.”

  Dr. Santokh Singh Khalsa 

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