Coaching Clients Speak Out... 

“…whatever you are doing has already paid for my coaching for the year.  I've been setting daily, weekly, and monthly records left and right.  I've already DOUBLED my practice in under 3 months and it seems like we've just began only a few of the things that need to be changed in my practice.  Thanks!!!” -Charles Weigel, D.C., ND 

“Thank you so much for your coaching.
  Here’s what’s happening:  July has been our best month of the year so far.  Every category of statistics is up.  We are seeing tons of families and really transitioning a lot more people to our Wellness Plans. The energy is up, we are having a blast and we ARE Saving Lives.” -Dr. Tom Gargiula, MO

“I tell you with 110% certainty the reason why our practice is thriving in this unpredictable economy, and not just surviving, is because of the resourcefulness of Dr. Steve and his ability to exceed our expectations.  You have forever changed our lives and the way we serve others.” -Drs. David & Veronique LaRocco, NY

“I can't begin to tell you how much we value our weekly dose of Steve!  We are so grateful to you for  helping us to celebrate ourselves, our lives, each other, and all those we touch!    Thank you for what you are doing on a daily basis to spread the meaning of Chiropractic.  It's an honor to be associated with you.” -Drs. Pyon, CA

“If you are not coaching.  START!  Don’t accept just any coach.  Find congruency!  Make an investment not just for today, but for your practice members future, your future and your families future.  Dr. Steve has been the most instrumental outside force in my first successful year as a doc.” –Dr. Dustin Barton, ND

“We are up to 72 for our biggest loser competition.  72 new people coming in for Creating Wellness assessments to get their lives changed!  Thanks for all the advice and being who your are.  I never would have thought this town would support such a thing, let alone be able to work with all the businesses.” –Dr. Troy Rahn, IL

“THANKS for another banner year!  By implementing the strategies you suggested, I have been able to capitalize on my strengths and grow the practice easily.  2010 was just short of our best year EVER in practice!  I have been able to thrive in ways that I had only dreamed before.”  Dr. Danita Heagy, FL (in practice over 25 years)

“I took one third of the month off to spend time with my new little boy and at the same time had a record month for collections in January.  Thank you so much for all youve done to help me create a practice that allows me the flexibility to spend valuable time with my family!” –Dr. Michael Gibson, ON

Product-Based Coaching

The FIRST MONTH is a one-on-one LIVE coaching call with Dr. Steve Hoffman to help you CLARIFY and GROW your WHY.
Together let's add CERTAINTY to you and ALL you do while letting (in fact, encouraging) you to be the MOST AUTHENTIC YOU that you can be.

Over $3000 in products and services are yours for just pennies on the dollar... only possible through digital download of materials!  Read on to see what will be coming your way in months 2-12...