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Quick Start Success Kit

The $54,000 Success Kit

I know YOU have a bigger vision for your life, your practice and your future than you are actualizing. Why? Here are some first steps towards the creation of that life…consciously and by design. I know YOU would benefit greatly if you would take the time to consider these questions…

 Do you have a clear, concise vision of exactly what your dream practice would be like?
 Do you know what skills you need to turn your dream into REALITY?
 Do you possess the skills necessary to do what needs to be done?
 Do you know what would be a strong enough motivation for you to change?
 Will your strong hold of the Philosophy of Chiropractic keep your passion burning?
 Do you know how to set and accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself?
 Do you know what material resources you will need to create your vision?
 Have you created an action plan to create your dream lifestyle and practice?
 Are you implementing your plan of action?

With clear and concise answers to these questions, you would be well on your way to being as successful as you would want to be without having to run on the treadmill in the constant pursuit of more. And, to help you, we’ve developed the Success Kit. You might wonder why we call it the $54,000 Success Kit. We call it that because we are certain that the products contained within the KIT, if implemented, will generate NO LESS THAN 3 more new patients a month than you are currently attracting. At a national average income per patient of $1500, this KIT brings a value of OVER $54,000 to you in just one year!

A primary reason that YOU MAY NOT get what YOU want is that YOU MAY NOT know what YOU want. Clarity about what you want is one of the determinants of your personal power. And, it is your personal power that determines your ability to do or to act.
So, here are the details. The QUICK START SUCCESS KIT contains 5 core products:

1. To assist you in clarifying and crystallizing your vision for your life we provide you with my Goal Achieving Audio program. Everyone talks about goal setting. Few people do it and fewer still do it effectively. NOW, you can listen to all my goal setting and accomplishing secrets and come away with the ways and means to become effective at setting and accomplishing goals too. This is vital for you so that you can then coach your practice members on goal setting from your experience instead of just your understanding. Among the many concepts discussed on this CD series are:

How to get what you want
Philosophy for business success
The LifeWorks Checklist
The Porsche Story
The 5 ingredients for success
The $5 million question
The Law of Attraction
Sensory goal setting
The California house
The 4 and 5 question strategies
Daily Head-space

2. To help you create the practice you envision, you will need certain skills. If your ideal practice is one that is filled with ideal patients, a great next step would be to know how to create these patients, in your practice, at will. So, for the first time anywhere, I will share my proprietary coaching strategies to help you create your practice full of IDEAL PATIENTS . In this unique and invaluable 70 minute audio program, the Ideal Patient audio program will explain all you will need to know about WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY DOING RIGHT and can now, do even better. You will learn:

How to identify your Ideal Patients
What two critical questions to ask Ideal Patients
The basic information that every chiropractic practice member must understand
What years of experience have taught Dr. Hoffman about creating Ideal Patients
Creating an action plan that works, and then some…

3. What would motivate you to do ”whatever it takes” to get where you say you want to go? This is an individual question that takes considerable effort to arrive at a TRUE answer for YOU. However, to get started, we can all agree that our motivation comes out of our sense of purpose and we derive that sense of purpose from our philosophy. So, to help you get even more firmly grounded in OUR PHILOSOPHY, The 33 Principles of Chiropractic video is a visually appealing Socratic (between doctor and patient) hike through the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe, CA. Each of the 33 Principles of Chiropractic are explained in an easy to understand and easy to apply way. Created by Chiropractors for Chiropractors so that the profession can get back to it’s philosophical roots in order to enjoy the fruits of prosperity that that tree of knowledge bears. Don’t continue to practice without understanding the philosophy! This video was produced as a legacy so that generations of doctors, family, staff and patients alike will know the vitalistic philosophy that is Chiropractic!

4. The next ingredient in the success formula we are using is to have the resources to accomplish your mission. The biggest family oriented and successful practices have just a few things in common. One common dominator is that they TELL THE STORY and that they DON’T WATER IT DOWN! To assist you in this arena, we provide you with the ParadigmSHIFT patient education program with a behind the scenes audio of me discussing the class so that you can most effectively deliver it to both your patients and your community. This completely Socratic approach to public and new patient education lets your audience come up with the answers that will lead them to the logical conclusion that the Chiropractic Lifestyle will benefit them and their family. Here is just a sample of some of the questions asked in such a logical sequence that ANYONE can now GET IT!:

 What do you think chiropractors do?
 How do you think chiropractic works?
 What is the purpose of the nervous system in the human body and in human health?
 How would you know if you are healthy?
 If how you feel is not a good indicator of how healthy you are, what is?
 Are you as healthy today as you were 5 years ago?
 Would you rather be healthy or just not sick?

Get the idea? So will they. This is the most ambitious and comprehensive health class ever devised. People will examine their own belief systems and come up with simple answers to simple questions. As a result, they own the concepts! What a concept!!!

5. Next…the plan. Have you ever sat down and figured out how to get from where you are to where you want to be? Most have not and, as a result, would be unable to recognize where “THERE” is even if they were successful at getting THERE. So, to help you, we have developed an audio guide called The Blueprint for Creating Your Dream Practice. Here are some of the things you will learn:

 Why will having a blueprint help you build the practice of your dreams?
 Why do 4 out of 5 businesses fail in the first 5 years?
 What you DID NOT learn in chiropractic school could destroy your dream
 Learn the 5-Step Process for creating your dream practice
 How to use statistics to drive your business rather than looking back
 How to create meaningful projections for practice growth
 Using the 3-point Success test to determine if a goal is achievable
 When is a goal just a wish?
 How to create an prioritized action plan
 How to create a sense of urgency

The Quick Start Success Kit includes:
Goal Achieving Audio program
Ideal Patient Audio program
33 Principles of Chiropractic Video
Paradigm Shift Patient Education PowerPoint and Audio
The Blueprint for Creating your Dream Practice Audio

All of these products are digital downloads. You will receive an email with your download links after you purchase your success kit. These are temporary links and will expire... so download them and save them to your computer as soon as possible.