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MC2 Technical Mastery Seminar Video
$295.00 + 10.95 S&H

MC2 Technical Mastery Seminar Video-

“It’s a contradiction to tell patients the body is a dynamic, self healing organism and then adjust the same subluxation pattern visit after visit after visit!”
             Dr. Steve Hoffman.

Experience a practice without contradiction.  Combine the most important elements of the Philosophy, Science and Art of Chiropractic.  Gain clinical certainty visible in your office the next day by knowing:

Where, when and when not to adjust.
How to determine a precise line of drive every visit.
Why a tonal model is vital for upper cervical specific.
Adjusting by hand or with the Integrator.
And doing all of this in the comfort of your own home or office with an archive copy to keep and review as you wish!

This product is shipped to you with the technic manual.


Dear Dr. Steve

I just want to send you a quick note:  I bought you practice building package (Success Kit) at Total Solution in June and I have just finished reviewing the mc2 DVD's.  Wow!!  I have never seen results like this in my office!  I have a patient with spasmodic torticollis that she has had for over 35 years,  with one adjustment her friends and family members commented on how straight she looked and that they have can't remember seeing her ever like this before.  I also had a patient that has been out of work due to taking so many medications for a chronic shoulder pain.  Again, after one adjustment, he is completely off of his medications and back to work.  The best thing about all of this is the certainty that we can deliver an adjustment and more so when not to deliver an adjustment.
As you said in your video: "I'm trading in the 81 Volvo", Porsche here I come!!!!!
With many thanks and gratitude,
Dr. Ron Robinson


Best Value    
      Buy the MC2 Technic DVD as part of two of the Success Kits and get from 6-7 additional success products while saving from $660-733.

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